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The ramp board or timber blade is intended for ramping, sorting and loading of logs. The robust and strong construction provides excellent resistance to dynamic loads at work, and the optimal shape of the pliers and two hydraulic cylinders enable a strong grip of logs of various thicknesses.


Snowploughs SP series are developed for heavy duty ploughing. They are distinguished by an extremely strong structure that provides exceptional stability at high load. The SD snowboard is intended for ploughing yards, access roads and parking lots. Due to its low weight and strong construction, it is suitable for smaller and compact tractors, and the protection of the plough segment enables comfortable ploughing.


The front linkage – hydraulics are optimally adapted to each tractor. The compact design and kinematics of the lifting mechanism enable a long stroke of the lifting arms and a large load capacity, and the high distance of the lower part of the hydraulics from the ground ensures unobstructed passage even on poor terrain.

The side mounting brackets for the mounting plates to the cab and the lower connection to the rear axle ensure excellent load-bearing capacity of the tractor.


Cutting and splitting machines are intended for processing logs of larger diameters and making meter long firewood. The machine is distinguished by high performance, robust construction and easy operation. The concept of the machine can be perfectly adapted to the wishes and requirements of the customer.


The wood splitter is technologically advanced to enable safe and fast splitting with minimal loads. The splitting ax is optimally designed to provide high splitting force with lower energy consumption.

Models with splitting force 18, 22 and 26 t, robust construction, splitting height up to 115 cm, autospeed valve with 2 operating speeds, cast iron pump and mechanical lifting of the splitting.

Years of experience and expertise with modern technology

With our expertise, modern technology and many years of experience, we create quality and top-quality products and realize even the most demanding wishes of the client.


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